Consumer goods


The Consumer packaged goods market is sometimes referred to as “FMCG” or “Fast Moving Consumer Goods.” In this industry, sound supply chain and inventory management practices are absolutely essential to ensure stock availability and control carrying costs.

Time Service is well positioned to act on behalf of consumer goods companies and those retailers facing complex issues in their global supply chain. Both have demanding execution requirements and are extremely cost-conscious. Time Service continues to service and help those companies who are focused on growth, not on building a logistics infrastructure. While building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships – we take pride in assisting those companies with the knowledge and sophisticated systems that will propel them to the next level.

Our industry trained and dedicated specialists will design customized solutions that manage business surges, seasonal spikes, shelf/product life cycles, inventory forecasting and speed-to-market schedules. We listen and focus our solutions to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

We operate several distribution centers, provide full transportation management and perform value-added services for this vertical market. Time Service offers both dedicated and multi-client distribution centers.