Pharmaceutical warehousing & distribution


Time Service is one of the providers of outsourced services to the life-science industry.

At Time Service, we understand the critical and complex supply chain needs of the pharmaceutical industry and have designed solutions to meet those needs. We have extensive warehousing and distribution capabilities to help pharmaceutical companies meet customer demands for time- and temperature-sensitive product deliveries.

Pharmaceutical products have specific storage and handling needs. We understand those needs and have dedicated Time Service Supply Chain Solution warehouse specially designed for healthcare products.

We also know the importance of speed in pharmaceuticals, and have the expertise, industry knowledge and solutions to help pharmaceutical manufacturers get products to customers when they need to be there.

We are licensed to store controlled drugs, as well as having cold chain facilities which enable us to store refrigerated products, ready for distribution when you need them.

We are constantly learning and improving. We work with all product types, especially those with complex handling requirements, and we tailor our operating procedures to suit your needs. In short, we do warehousing and distribution exactly the way you would.

Some of the key factors of our operations:

  • Excellent business relationship and productive operations with all of the transport company to ensure prompt delivery of goods to various parts of Russian Federation
  • We believe in the values of our business partners. We work with them in developing their operations by offering an added-value supply chain services, flexibility and adoptability according to their systems and procedures
  • We hold ourselves to high standards of services that are delivered in an expert, reliable and enthusiastic way. We put our sincere efforts and care towards an excellent services to the customers, our principals, field staff, employees and everyone involved in the whole business cycle.

Our dedicated and trained personnel:

  • State Licensed Pharmacist and
  • Provisory Agent

are available for our clients at our warehouse.

Time Service is looking forward to extend its services to more pharmaceutical companies.